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Exercise 102 - Why Infant Swim Lessons Are So Critical
1 - One aspect of child mental and psychological development that is being marginalized is something more of an environmental development that many people, including child development professionals, say is a crucial aspect of mental maturity. This is more of an experiential exposure that is more important, and in this case, it is infant swimming. Why it starts so early is because at this stage of child development, it is necessary to inculcate certain good practices within the subconscious of the infant, where it is in a state of learning and absorption.

2 - There are a few reasons why infant swim lessons are critical and this article will list out a few of the pertinent one's for you. One of them is of course physical development. Swimming is great fun, especially when done in an environment where the primary care givers and parents are there to encourage the infant along. It is also a great way to inculcate exercise in a small child, making it part of the regular process of the person from an early age. It builds on the cardio vascular system and promotes the growth of lean muscle, and once it can be equated with fun, it will be something that children will be willing to do at all times,

3 - Also, swimming will also avoid the development of a phobia to water, which appears quite commonly among young children as early as the age of 3 to 5. While there is no exact pre determinant to the development of this phobia, many psychological experts point to the fact that water is something the child is exposed to last, especially when are talking about people who have conceived and decide to raise their children in a very city like environment where it is filled with skyscrapers and an urban, concrete landscape. Because of the lack of exposure to water, when they do come across is (in the ocean, the beach of even in a particularly large swimming pool), their senses will be overwhelmed at the very vastness of the water, and in some cases, fear will develop as they look at the forming waves crash upon the beachhead.

4 - Phobia ensues and it develops into a fear that will transcend even adulthood. Or , it could be due to a particularly damaging experience the child has when they are young. In any case, you should nip this in the bud at an early age, as it can be quite debilitating to a child, even socially as they grow up into young adulthood and are unable to join in the many social activities that include swimming (with their peers). Do not let this problem become too large. Take them to an infant swimming lesson and develop their love for the water at a very early age. On another note, you will also be able to gain an emotional bond with your child, which some child psychologists say, goes deeper than most activities you can take part in with your child.


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